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Stop Spam, Phishing, and Email Fraud With Our Anti-Spam Blocker Software For Microsoft Outlook! Coming Soon For Outlook Express!

SPAMarkov is an easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook® add-on designed to provide next generation protection against spam, phishing, and email fraud. The software uses state-of-the-art Markovian filtering technology that identifies up to 99.984% of incoming spam messages. This is over ten times more precise than human accuracy! CRM114's Markov system was first released to the public in 2001 and has been under continuous improvement since then.

The major issue with Naive Bayesian filtering is that by design it does not realize that word groupings are significant. Naïve Bayesian filtering looks at each word independently without regard for words around it. This can lead to successful attacks on the filter such as adding random words in an attempt to include good words thus reducing the spam score. Many spammers are now using this method to defeat Bayesian spam filters.

Get it from CNET!Markovian Discrimination looks at groups of words found in spam mail. Depending on how closely a group of words can be matched to known spam word groups the higher the score given to the group. Hence, our Outlook spam filter catches more spam.

SPAMarkov seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Outlook® workspace, classifying and doing away with junk emails. Caught spam is placed in a special 'Spam' folder under your inbox if you ever want to review it later. If our Microsoft Outlook spam filter doesn't have enough data to classify it as either 'Spam' or 'Not Spam', it is placed in the 'Junk Suspects' folder for further training. Not only does this reduce false positives dramatically (good emails in the spam folder), but it also reduces false negatives as well (spam in the inbox).

SPAMarkov runs under Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003. The program allows users to operate and manage their Allow lists (friends) and Block lists (spammers). We are currently developing our free Outlook Express spam blocker.

If you are looking for an efficient, lightweight and inexpensive anti-spam software for Outlook, you have just found it. Download the 21-day trial version and see for yourself. You may purchase SPAMarkov at our store.

SPAMarkov is priced competitively for a single user license. We provide a flexible discount program for volume purchase orders. Contact us for further information. If you happen to have a problem or a question, free support is always available. An Outlook Express version is currently being developed.

Microsoft Outlook® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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