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How To Block Spam Using Outlook Express

Public postings

In the late 1990s, when spam was only just becoming a problem, the surest way of getting your address into spam databases was to post articles on newsgroups. Even then, people were proclaiming, "I hate outlook spam!". Experiments like this have concluded that public posting is still a common way of getting onto spam lists. Using a good mail filter is how to block spam using Outlook Express and also to empty spam in outlook.

List sales from e-commerce sites

Subscribing to a paid pornography web site is a guaranteed way of getting onto many spam lists, especially those promoting pornographic material, you can combat spam with applescript in outlook express however. There is clear evidence that even porn sites with privacy policies saying that they will not pass on your e-mail address will in fact routinely do so. What is less well-known is that even providing your address to reputable e-commerce sites can lead to your getting spam: the anecdotal evidence is that often employees will steal client lists and sell them to spammers, even if the firm itself is responsible and has solid privacy policies. This forces people to install proper spam blocking software in which they can report spam from outlook. This is how to block spam using Outlook Express as well.

Dictionary attacks

An increasingly common way to get spam is by way of dictionary attacks: the spammer connects to a mail server and starts attempting to send mail to hundreds or thousands of addresses built by attaching common usernames to the mail server’s domain name. You can reduce this type of spam by using good bayesian spam filters for outlook express. Occasionally it will make a combination that is valid, and the mail server will accept it, at which point the spammer adds that address to his list. Note that this process is completely automated and is going on all the time – the author’s own experience is that he sees between twenty and thirty dictionary attacks every day on his mail server. Technical methods exist to avoid this problem this is part of the process of playing catch-up, while using anti-spam solutions and blocking spam in outlook by domain, is how to block spam using Outlook Express.

Vectors of infection – “how am I getting this rubbish?!?”

The means by which a spam e-mail gets into your mailbox are varied: this section aims to provide a basic technical overview of how spam propagates. Remember to always use a good spam blocker to stop spam in outlook.

How e-mail is sent and got – an overview.

Electronic mail is carried across the Internet using a protocol called SMTP (“Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”). In over-simplified terms, SMTP involves one system (“the client”) connecting to another (“the server”) and saying “I have a message from x”. A good spam filter for outlook can filter email from the SMTP level, and is invisible to you. When the host server has said that the sender’s address is OK, the client continues by saying “The message is addressed to y” for each recipient. At this point, the server can face any of the following three scenarios:

  • It can recognize the address as one it serves and accept the message for delivery.
  • It may decide that the address is non-local, but agree to accept it and pass it on to the proper server later. This process is called relaying, and is important.
  • It may decide that it cannot do anything with the address and decline it.

Once the client has sent all its potential recipients, if at least one has been accepted by the server, the client will go ahead to pass the data for the message, which consists of the message headers, a blank line, then the body of the message, which may be text or a combination of text and specially-encoded items that a mail program will interpret as attachments. Some free outlook express spam guards can filter out specific subject lines for example, if you are receiving unwanted spam emails.

Always remember to do your research and find a good email filter or free spam remover for outlook express, this is how to block spam using Outlook Express.

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